Ocean Beach and Sutro Baths

Supposedly we were to experience a strong storm with the potential to knock out our power for 72 hours. Fortunately, Mother Nature relented (perhaps she knows this is Oscar night down in LA), and favored us with a cool, sunny day. I took advantage and knocked around the beach to watch the waves pound the shore. You can see from the shots the tide was awfully high, and I had to be nimble to avoid getting wet a couple of times. I also strolled around Sutro Baths, one of my favorite parts of the City. They’re just ruins now, but the baths must have been quite impressive in their heyday. If you go I recommend walking through the tunnel which connects the baths to Lands End. You used to be able to go through the tunnel and continue to hike on the rocks. Today, though, there’s a chain which the Park Service doesn’t want you to pass. With the waves crashing as they were, I had no problem staying on the relatively safe side of the line. The one picture taken of the water inside the tunnel doesn’t do the experience justice; it’s so spooky when the surf comes in making some weird high pitched humming sounds in that enclosed, dark space. And, if you’re really unlucky, they’ll break high enough to soak you, a fate I managed to avoid. To view larger, more detailed versions of these photos, click on: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23883605@N06/sets/72157603978762110/.


Farmers Market Saturday

Another glorious Saturday in San Francisco so we decided to take in the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building. I could really get used to these warm spring-like days, and apparently so could everyone else in San Francisco, since the market was jam-packed with citizens and tourists alike. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood sampling, squeezing and smelling the fruits and veggies on display. We picked up some tasty oranges, vegetables, and lovely-scented lavender, but I was also on the hunt for some humanely raised meat. I had read a little bit about Prather Ranch on Chris Cosentino’s blog , and, since they had a storefront at the Ferry Building, I thought I’d pick up a little something and find out how humanely raised and slaughtered meat tasted. (You can see the store to the left in the photo taken inside the Ferry Building.) During the transaction the fellow behind the counter found out it was the first time I had sampled his wares. He reached back into his case and pulled out a bit of ground beef and told me to take it. If what he said is true, I will have a transformative experience eating this beef. Regardless, his generosity may just have created a customer (perhaps infrequently) for life. In the meantime, until I make this heavenly burger, I’m rooting for Prather Ranch. Enjoy the slide show.