SF Santarchy 2011

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There are more than a few Bay Area children who will need therapy after witnessing the annual Santarchy meetup/pub crawl. And I imagine a few of the revelers got bumped onto the naughty list. View the full photoset here.


I Love A Parade

Headed downtown this morning to view the Veterans Day Parade here in San Francisco. I had never seen the parade before, and I wanted to take it in before they stop having one. With the sparse crowd lining the route at the head of the parade, it was hard to believe thousands of people used to line the sidewalks to watch this event.

Saturday Rambling

Beautiful day in the City today. Headed down to the Ferry Building to walk around the Farmers’ Market and pick up some first day of spring asparagus. A bite to eat, and then a little perambulating around town to work it off. I took a little video and tested out the editing software which comes with it. Not as full-featured as I’m used to, but it gets the job done.

The day was too nice to sit around inside doing housework, though, so I made sure to get out and put in a nice bit of mileage.

It’s More Fun When They Crash

This year’s Red Bull Soap Box Derby was certainly worth the price of admission, which was free. Great weather, and the chance to see an intrepid group of hapless individuals make fools of themselves brought out an enormous crowd to Dolores Park. It wasn’t Obama in St. Louis numbers, but the place was sure packed.

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