We’re hear to see the David


This recent New York Times article – What the Mona Lisa Tells Us About Art in the Instagram Era – struck a chord. I’ve definitely spent time wandering galleries in search of the “greatest hits” to photograph. Instead of buying the show catalog, I’ve waited patiently for the view around a painting or sculpture to clear so I could take my very own picture of it. Like the viewers in the article I suppose I’m taking pictures of art as “evidence that ‘I’ve been there’”. I definitely felt that way visiting the Uffizi a couple of summers ago. Standing in front of some of the most iconic work in Western art I had the overwhelming sense I’d never be there again so I had better take a picture to create a keepsake. But, I don’t feel guilty about taking those photos, and I don’t think the Times article was trying to create a sense of guilt either. Although we may sometimes sprint through art galleries as if we’re checking items off of a cultural experience list, I’m certain on a subliminal level just being in the presence of fine art lifts our souls and fills us with a sense of well being.


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