Mmmm. Mondrian.

Cubism and calories at the SFMOMA
Cubism and calories at the SFMOMA

As if I needed any more reasons to love living in a city like San Francisco, along comes a story like this one from today’s SF Gate.

Caitlin Williams Freeman, a pastry chef at the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar at the SFMOMA uses works displayed in the museum as inspiration for some of her sweet creations. And, while you have to shell out the museum’s entrance fee just to have the pleasure of purchasing one of her treats, at least you’d have the pleasure of tasting her Mondrian-inspired cake.

Freeman makes one Mondrian cake per day. She bakes a big oblong white cake and smaller yellow, red and blue cakes, and cuts them into long thin shapes. She coats each of the pieces in ganache – a thick, rich covering of cream and dark chocolate – reassembles it all in a long loaf pan, lets it chill overnight, then ganaches the whole thing.

A culinary treat and art appreciation in one ganache covered delight. Just imagine what she could do with some of Jasper John’s paintings.

If you’d rather skip the museum entrance fee, head over to the Ferry Building and pick up something from Miette Patisserie and Confiserie. Freeman may no longer be involved in the day-to-day baking at the shop, but that doesn’t mean their Fresh Lemon Tart is any less delicious.


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