Next Stop: Seattle

Calm day on Elliot Bay
Calm day on Elliot Bay

I finally put my credit card where my mouth is and signed up to run the Rock ‘n Roll Seattle Marathon on June 27th. Starting in Tukwila and meandering through Seattle proper, the marathon course loops by the finish area not once but twice. I’m going to need the motivation of every one of those bands and cheer squads for which the Rock ‘n Roll marathons are noted (the course map is here). Despite the loops and the elevation profile of miles 15 through 20, I’m looking forward to this race.

In September of last year, Trish and I traveled to Seattle for a short vacation, and in between trips to the original Starbucks and long sightseeing walks I did a lot of running. I experienced a wonderful rain-dampened run along the waterfront and through the streets around Pike Place Market as evening fell along with a challenging chase through the neighborhoods and parks of the Capitol Hill area with a running group associated with the Seattle Running Company.

I’ve been getting in a lot of mileage since my last marathon, but now the real training begins. I’ll be calling up the mileage schedule I’ve used to get ready for previous marathons, maybe tweak the diet a little bit, and start preparing mentally for another 26.2.

And, oh, I’ll need new shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Next Stop: Seattle

  1. Still need those shoes, eh? Road Runner should have jumped in and made you an offer, by now. We’re doing our half-marathon in June, but my husband asked, last night, if I had to make a decision between running a half-marathon in June or flying to London for a meeting, which would I choose? Tricky.

  2. As Oma says, you need a lot of shoes for running. Have fun training for Seattle. I have a friend who lives in Sequim (pronounced Sqwim), about an hour and a half out of Seattle. Perhaps she’ll come and watch the marathon. Enjoy your training! Mom

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