On The Road To Recovery

Such bravado.
Such bravado.

My recovery from last Sunday’s race is coming along nicely. There’s no more stiffness in my calves. I’m walking up and down stairs with no problems, and I don’t have that vaguely drunk-like shuffle caused by trying to find the floor with tight-muscled legs. If it weren’t for the fact I promised the honey I would take a week off, I might be inclined to go out for a short jog this evening. But, if I did that, I’m sure she’d Tonya Harding my knee so I’d never run again.

Perhaps another quiet evening at home is best.


5 thoughts on “On The Road To Recovery

  1. But gees, doesn’t she know that going out for a run is a great way to loosen the legs after a marathon?

    At least that’s what I heard, since I planted my butt firmly on the couch for a month…

  2. I think she’s just tired of seeing me limp around when my IT Band acts up. It makes me look like an old man.

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