And The Oscar Went To…

The Castro in all it's neon glory.
The Castro in all it's neon glory.

flickr photo by Stephane Delbecque

Now that the Oscars are over, the honey and I finally got around to seeing Milk. I wanted to wait until it came out on DVD, but she insisted we take the movie in at the Castro Theatre situated in the heart of where most of the film takes place. I don’t want to offer an in-depth review of the movie here, since that ship sailed a long time ago, but I will say I liked it well enough. Milk’s story is vitally important to the struggle for gay rights in America, but his life as presented in the film wasn’t terribly dynamic. Given that, however, I did enjoy how the director, Gus Van Sant, recognized that and made a very personal, almost quiet film.

And the honey was absolutely right about the opportunity to see the movie at the Castro Theater. I enjoyed sharing the experience of watching that particular film with so many people whose lives were shaped by Harvey Milk and what he and others did to win their legal rights. And it was kind of fun sitting and watching the film in the theatre which appears in the background of so many shots in the movie as well as walking out into the neighborhood and down the same sidewalks Milk walked down so long ago.


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