Pie Dough

The Holy Grail.
The Holy Grail.

photo credit Marjorie Poore Productions

Boy, do I love pumpkin pie. So much so I always volunteer to make one or two pies for the Thanksgiving meal. I’ve toyed with the idea of actually cooking down my own pumpkin, but I’ve been told the stuff in the can is far superior than anything I could come up with. I’ve also found the recipe on the can is pretty darn good and uses much the same ingredients as the one found in the Joy of Cooking. However, when it comes to the pie crust, I can’t bring myself to pour all of that pumpkin goodness into a frozen pie shell. (Plus I don’t like the feeling of knife on foil during those first few cuts of the finished pie.) So, every year I try to make my own pie dough, and every year it goes horribly wrong. Mixing the ingredients together usually goes well and is hard to mess up. But when it comes to rolling out the dough-disaster looms and I spend a lot of time patching my dough.

This year, however, I may try to follow closely the advice one of the country’s top chefs. Recently I put together a Basic Flaky Pastry Dough segment for Cuisinart featuring Hubert Keller. Click here to view the recipe he uses and watch the video. I’ll give his method a shot, and, hopefully, won’t spend a lot of time putting together a pie dough which resembles a patchwork quilt.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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3 thoughts on “Pie Dough

  1. Never works for me either, and if it doesnt work this year, go out and buy the rolled up dough from the refrigerated case. You dont have to put it on foil, you can put them on your own pie plates. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I make my pumpkin pies with cooked and pureed sugar pumpkins from our garden. The filling in my pies is generally lighter than the filling made from the can. I like my pies with a little more spice than the traditional recipes. You’ll have to try a pumpkin pie made from fresh pumpkin puree sometime.

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