Sounding Off

It sure is quiet. Maybe too quiet.
It sure is quiet. Maybe too quiet.

flickr photo by momentimedia

Remember clothes-pinning baseball cards into the spokes of your bicycle so it would make that cool clacking noise as you pedaled down the street? A high-tech version of that may be in the offing for owners of quiet electric vehicles. One of the unintended consequences of electric cars silently rolling over our city streets is the effect they have on pedestrians and cyclists. So, as you might expect, Congress may have to enact legislation to add a little more noise to those vehicles.

This article explores the steps Lotus is making to address this situation and offers up some funny examples of sounds your Prius may make in the future as you pull away from that stoplight. TIE Fighter anyone? Jet engine? A cheering crowd? Perhaps the clip-clop of a horse?

Comment on what sound you’d like your Prius or Tesla to make.

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