No Pain Some Gain

See, I'm not the only one who likes to pound the pavement in the dark.
See, I'm not the only one who likes to pound the pavement at night.

flickr photo by candyls

I think I may be back on track.

Last night’s 6 mile run through the neighborhood (or 10k for our metric friends) marked the first time since I hurt my hip almost two months ago when I felt like things were starting to come back together. I didn’t feel any pain or twinges through my leg when my left foot struck, my breathing felt more relaxed, and I maintained a nice pace and a good line without feeling like I was thrashing along the sidewalk. Hills are still not fun, and they will always remain challenging (and unavoidable in quake-formed San Francisco), but running flats and downhills I felt strong and a little bit exhilarated. Not the fabled runners high. I just felt great moving along at a good clip, passing people making their way home at the end of the day, and listening to the traffic sounds on the busier streets. I’m definitely a city mouse. While the tranquility and solitude of trail runner appeals to some, bombing along concrete sidewalks dodging trustafarians and incautious drivers on Valencia Street stirs my soul.

Crazy I know. But not as crazy as the notion I might be able to train up quickly to run the Austin Marathon in mid-February. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Add a comment or just let me know how crazy I am to try for Austin.

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4 thoughts on “No Pain Some Gain

  1. Glad to hear things are coming together again!
    Running through the city streets can be a great high. Especially at night when you dont have to worry about as much traffic (foot and cars)

    Not crazy for aiming for Austin marathon. Just don’t get over enthusiastic and ramp up your training too quickly. Best way to get injured and put you out for a few more months.

    Let us know how it goes!

  2. Hi, well, for starters, i’m dutch so i must be crazy. 2 months ago i started running , did 21 september 16,1 km ( or 10 miles ) for the first time , trained a month and runned with a bussinessteam. finished in 1,42 …. started too fast and broke down at 8 mls. mind you, it was a day after my 50ths birthday….

    Last week a 10 km run in the highest mountains of teh Netherlands ( 100 mtrs ) in 1,28.

    the ultimate goal is the NY in 2010 …

    So tell me bout austin, is that a marathon too ??

    Grtz, Kees (keesbtea at twitter )

  3. I do tend to get over-enthusiastic about my training, BoulderRunner. I went from the couch to a half-marathon in about twelve weeks last year and had IT band problems for weeks afterward. It didn’t stop me, though, or dampen my enthusiasm, but that and the hip problems have certainly changed the way I train.

    And Brownie, keep it up. New York in 2010 is well within your grasp. Keep us posted.

  4. You are not crazy – noone can talk to me about crazy – I had a history of polio and post polio syndrome and am now training to run the Boston Marathon – if you believe it, you can achieve it! So cool to connect with runners on Twitter. It’s freezing here in Boston; tomorrow is supposed to be less of a wind chill so we’re gonna do our long run tomorrow..we’re up to 13 miles! And we just signed up for the Hyannis Half Marathon in February. My blog journeys my training runs if you all want to check it out:
    Will be in touch and here’s to courage and steadfast faith!
    Be well everyone and Happy Thanksgiving~!

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