Hip Flexor Not Flexing

No pain. No gain?
No pain. No gain?

NY Times illustration by Bob Eckstein

Yesterday’s run was marred by a nagging hip flexor injury which flared up so badly I couldn’t get in my full twenty miles. Instead I settled for 15 (with some walking), and a heaping dose of self-flagellation. And now come the questions. “Should I rest a few days and hope this injury goes away?” “How will giving up running for a few days affect my training?” “Should I even bother signing up for another race before this injury is healed?” “Is this really an injury, or just a strain?”

With these questions in mind, Trish sent me this Gina Kolata article from the New York Times. Hopefully a couple of days of stretching and rest will get me back on the road in the next few days without resorting to “jumping into the pool with [my] running clothes and shoes on…”

And I really want to avoid panel number four in the illustration above.

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