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Taking In Seattle September 21, 2008

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Very trendy

Very trendy

Greetings from the Evergreen State!

Trish and I arrived in Seattle yesterday, and were greeted by a typical rain-filled Seattle afternoon.

Looks like rain.

Looks like rain.

After a quick neighborhood walk and a bite of lunch we got back to the hotel to try and check into our room only to have to wait and wait in the lobby until it was ready. As you can see from above, though, the lobby of the Pan Pacific is lovely and the people watching kept us pretty entertained. Finally we got our room, which looks out onto Lake Union, and settled in.

In the evening, we headed out for dinner at Lola, one of the restaurants in town run by Tom Douglas. Lola features dishes made from locally sourced products (the mushrooms paired with the chicken were listed as “foraged”) and creates dishes with a Mediterranean touch. We started with pita offered with a Skordalia garlic spread, before moving on to a tagine of stuffed eggplant with heirloom tomato and yogurt and a leg of lamb with blue mountain huckleberries. We were both in heaven savoring the flavors of each of the dishes complimented perfectly with glasses of Washington State wines.

I hope they do well.

I hope they do well.

The next morning, in search of a good cup of coffee, we walked over to Pike Place Market and found this little local place which opened its first shop in the Market before going national. I had to admit, the coffee was pretty good, and I hope the company does well.

Inside the temple.

Inside the temple.

Pike Place Market is a treat, and though it’s an obvious tourist draw, it doesn’t feel “touristy”. Instead of feeling like you have to walk through it in order to check it off your to-do list, the unpretentious shops and stalls with their variety of flowers, fresh produce, and fish make you feel like a local out to pick up a couple of things for dinner. We saw more than one couple with a rolling cooler filled with the catch of the day.

Dahlias on display

Dahlias on display

The main arcade is lined on one side with blocks of flower sellers offering an amazing array of colorful flowers with dahlias especially on display this time of year. Opposite the flower sellers are stalls and shops offering crafts and fresh fruit which rivals that found in our own Bay Area farmers markets. The flower stalls give way to those offering organic meats and lots and lots of fish. We were even treated at one point to the Pike Place phenomena of flying fish.

We sat for lunch at Lowell’s at a table overlooking the water before spending an afternoon walking along the waterfront and through the Olympic Sculpture Park with it’s installation featuring oversized traffic cones (see a video of the installation by clicking here) along with a massive, beautiful Richard Serra piece called Wake which evokes undulating waves, albeit huge, metal undulating waves.

Detail of Wake

Detail of Wake

And, yes, we saw the Space Needle, and, yes, we took pictures of it, but, no, we’re not going to post any. So don’t ask.

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1. Clint - September 21, 2008

I think that one of the draws of going to Pike Place Market is just what you mentioned, it non-touristy feel. Plus, I know of no other place where such vibrant colors come together (which often is contrasted with the gray skies). The flowers and fruit stands are gorgeous.

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