A Change of Scenery

Yeah. You're this is the middle of San Francisco
Yeah. This is the middle of San Francisco

photo by tingley

I’ve had a couple of really nice short runs coming off of the marathon. After taking a week off from running, I’ve done a few short distance jaunts in order to get the heart rate up without overdoing it. That was the plan at least until I clocked a 7:20 pace for 5 miles which is about 30 seconds faster than my usual pace for that distance. The time made my running spirit feel terrific, but physically I began to feel a little twinge on the outside of my right knee–my IT Band making its presence felt. I wasn’t feeling the sharp pain I experienced last year, and the feeling was just dull enough to be all in my head. I don’t want to take any risks, though, so I decided to take it easy on subsequent runs and just do some distance without worrying about the time.

Also, to break up the monotony I mapped out a new run which took me through the Glen Park neighborhood here in San Francisco. I have always liked Glen Park and its unique, small town feel. Even though you’re in San Francisco, with the geography, the trees, and Glen Park Canyon, you can feel miles away from the hustle of downtown. And, since it’s so close to the Mission, I thought it was about time to add it to my running route repertoire. In fact, one of my goals in the near term is to map out more, different runs as I train for upcoming events. While it’s been fun to run what I call the Standard Route which loops me through Noe Valley then back into the Mission, I think I need to explore other routes and neighborhoods in order to stay motivated. It’s difficult though to map routes which don’t cross major streets like Cesar Chavez or Guerrero. I want to stay motivated, but I don’t want to be clipped by a commuter heading home after a long day!


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