Food Therapy

Al fresco dining

A light lunch

Early this morning we made our way to SFO to put our son on a plane to New York. He’s returning to the New School in Manhattan for his sophomore year, and while we’re proud of everything he’s done since starting college, we’re a little saddened every time he leaves us.

So, after returning home and catching a few more zzzzs, we thought what better way to make ourselves feel better than by heading out for a bit of food therapy provided by a nice lunch? Since the weather cooperated by providing a cool, but sunny day, we decided to sample the culinary delights at the Ferry Building. First we worked up an appetite perusing the Ferry Building shops and taking in the overpriced, but beautiful wares at Sur La Table. Then, we decided on a little al fresco dining at MarketBar where we could sit and watch the world go by.

Now, I’ve heard Marketbar is more style over substance, and from my small sample experience I’d have to agree. While Trish was happy with her Ahi Tuna sandwich (with breaded ahi, go figure), my “Cuban Style” pork sandwich (pictured above) left a little something to be desired. It tasted fine, and the portion size, well. But there was nothing special or Cuban about it. Let’s be honest here, this was your basic ham and cheese sandwich.

Next time, maybe just drinks.


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