Top Chef in The Mission

Oh, the unfairness of it all. After doing my best to cover each episode of this season’s Top Chef and cheering the ultimate winner, Stephanie, on to victory, I find out she’ll be putting together a tasting menu at a restaurant in my neighborhood. It would be the perfect opportunity to congratulate her and snag an autograph or photo. However, I’ve got the San Francisco Marathon the next day, so I’ll be busy carbo-loading and getting a good night’s sleep. Darn.

If you’re interested, from

THE MISSION—A reservation you might want to make ASAP is the following: Ryan Scott and Mission Beach Cafe will play host to Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard this Saturday: “The two star chefs, who met as fellow contestants on this season’s hit TV show, will co-create and present a tasting menu highlighting their signature styles. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience … The 5-course, prix fixe dinner is $95 per person.” [City Dish]

Oh yeah, Ryan Scott is the executive chef of the place, but his act on Top Chef wore thin after a while. I didn’t shed a tear when he packed his knives.


2 thoughts on “Top Chef in The Mission

  1. I’ve seen Ryan up close at the local grocery store, and there’s plenty there for your daughter to love.

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