Not The Usual Runaround

On Sunday I slept late and didn’t get my long run in during the early morning hours. So, instead of a cool, quiet cityscape with few people on the sidewalks and even fewer cars, my usual route was filled with San Franciscans out enjoying a sunny, blustery afternoon. I enjoyed seeing the transformation of a favorite route from its sedate morning mode to its bustling afternoon look. Golden Gate Park was absolutely packed with cyclists, picknickers, and other runners. The biggest challenge, besides dealing with Mr. Sun, was running back up Haight Street. Early Sunday mornings it’s usually deserted, but by 3:30 the sidewalks are packed, so I found myself weaving around folks and doing lots of running in place waiting for the traffic to clear. I should have just taken to the street, but by then I was more tired than I usually get during a long run, and I didn’t trust myself to have enough automobile awareness. To avoid getting clipped by a tourist looking for parking I risked staying on the sidewalk working my way through a dynamic human maze.

Next time I’ll just drag myself out of bed.


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