Another Marathon Update

photo by kk+
photo by kk+

20 miles. Today the training schedule called for 20 miles, (alright, the training schedule called for 20 miles yesterday, but I had other things going on) and that’s what I did. The City was nice and quiet in its Memorial Day slumber, and the weather cooperated nicely with a cool, overcast morning. Overall it was a good run, and I felt pretty strong, but, like other long runs, I got to the end and wondered if I could have kept going if this were the actual marathon. I guess I’ll know the answer after a couple of more training runs of 21 and 24 miles in the next couple of weeks. But today, as good a run as I had, the idea of six more mile seemed like too much. For now, though, I’m going to bask in the glow of finishing a long 20 mile run, and once I can feel my legs again I’m going to get dinner ready.

More information: I watched some inspiring videos on the web the other day which helped me get through today’s run. First, a series of videos from Runner’s World magazine detailing their Half-Marathon Challenge. I had followed the journey of the three runners profiled, but until this weekend hadn’t gone back to the site to see the overview and race day videos. You can see them here, and, if you don’t get choked up just a little, you have a heart of stone.

Also, the PBS series, Nova, ran a Marathon Challenge episode a while back which involved taking a dozen absolutely sedentary men and women and prepping them to run the Boston Marathon in nine months. I’ll say no more; you’ll just have to see it for yourself.


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