Kiwi lives!

Da Bears New O line
Meet Da Bears New O line

What can you say about an episode whose most interesting moment was the poll question? Who would I want to touch during a game of touch football-Padma, Tom, or myself? I’m not telling.

Nice fake out, though. Kiwi looks like he’s finally going to have to pack his knives until Ryan decides he’d like to bring haute cuisine to the masses. Big mistake. And didn’t he learn anything from the block party Elimination Challenge? Tom and the gang don’t like individuals or teams showing too much personality during the challenge. Apparently, though, they don’t mind a chef tasting from a spoon and then using the same spoon to serve guests. Health department violations aren’t enough to get you booted off the show even though you’ve been in the bottom tier many, many times, but an overly ambitious menu might just be your ticket back home. Now we’re down to one chef representing San Francisco.

Oh, and Stephanie was back in the top three again, and the other Chicagoan, Dale, broke through with an EC win. Maybe now he’ll stop kvetching for at least an episode.


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