The Internet is in trouble

I knew this thing would go too far…

80s Popstar Worries Advertisers
from PR Bizwire

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Advertisers using the Internet to reach a broader audience, as well as websites dependent on ad revenue for their survival, have a new problem to deal with in a slowing economy. Rickrolling, a new internet meme has taken the web by storm. The joke involves providing a user with a link to a seemingly legitimate site. When the user clicks the link, however, they are taken to a video of the 80s singer Rick Astley singing his syrupy hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” As the meme has flourished Internet users have begun to shy away from clicking links on any web page. Companies like Google (GOOG NYSE), which make a significant portion of their revenues from advertising, have watched as their click-through rates have plummeted in the past week.

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