Hint: it’s next to godliness


Let’s face it, we’re a nation of germaphobes. Little bottles of Purell have replaced bottled water as the must-have accessory attached to many baby strollers. So what to make of the daily interaction with your barrista when they whip up your low foam soy mocha java lattes? What’s the last thing they do before they hand it over to you? Generally, they place their hand on that lid and make sure it’s on good and tight. Moments later you blithely take a sip from that cup, right where that hand was! And don’t give me that, “They have to wash their hands,” stuff. If you ask for a pastry or any other food item they handle that sucker with tongs. In food service if it’s gonna be cooked it’s alright to touch product with bare hands, but once it’s ready to serve slip those latex gloves on.

Of course, none of this is as bad as our local coffee hangout where the lids are in a big jar you have to sift through touching multiple ones before you can pry an individual one free.


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